Renting warehouse space efficiently

How it Works

You search for the space you need

Where? When? How much?
How expensive?

Choose your

You choose your favorite warehouse
based on photos, features and price.

We handle the agreement

We process the agreement and
payment. You are connected with
the warehouse to arrange the details
of your move-in.

We give you detailed warehouse listings

We use artificial intelligence to match you with warehouses and show you search results on a map/list based on your needs.


The warehouse accepts your offer.

Why this works for buyers

The Benefits of
Warehouse Exchange

We specialize in smaller footprint, shorter duration warehouse space. Just take what you need!
You can access your inventory, ship your orders, even work in your space.
Of course, if you want shipping, receiving or inventory services, those options are available.
We eliminate credit checks, personal guarantees, large security deposits.
A more efficient model for your business!
We’re about flexibility! Don’t take a 5-yr lease, a larger space and worry about growth. Take what you need now and expand as you grow.
Bring your own equipment, use your own labor, even run your own inventory system. It’s YOUR space.
Pick the warehouse that has the features that you need and don’t pay for the features you don’t.
We take care of the lease and payment processing. No more legal fees and no surprise costs.

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